My First Hookah



Number 1


Welcome to my new blog! Time to get rolling and bring out the big guns to keep you entertained! First of all, My name is Matt, I just turned 18 August 4th! I am a new Hookah user and so far I just love it! My friend took me to my first head shop to get a hookah. Spent $55 on the hookah itself and about $20 on Fantasia Swag Berry and other flavored Shisha. From about 1pm to 10pm my friend and I smoked non-stop! The buzz is nice, and I also like doing smoke tricks. And the taste is cool. Overall it’s awesome! Now that I know more about Hookahs, I found a great website: I ordered 9 packs of Al Fakher Shisha. That was a big mistake. It did not taste good, too strong of 1 flavor. But I did try about 5 different flavors out if 9. Anyway, that’s all for now. I will post more pictures of my setup and the start of my Hookah collection. Thanks!

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(Picture of me blowing Hookah smoke)